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    A presentation of four countries
    and we knew
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    power parity.

    English language
    established in IndiaI
    universities based
    Officially English has a status of assistant language, but in fact it is the most important language of India. After Hindi it is the most commonly spoken language in India and probably the most read and written language in India. Indians who know English will always try to show that they know English. English symbolizes in Indians minds, better education, better culture and higher intellect. Indians who know English often mingle it with Indian languages in their conversations. It is also usual among Indians to abruptly move to speak fluent English in the middle of their conversations. English also serves as the communicator among Indians who speak different language.
    speaks English; the resttherest of the
    and the IndianI {Australia2.jpg} ndian Ocean to
    Cook, an English explorer arrived
    and expand.

    the British
    and UK.
    South Africa
    The capital of South Africa is called Pretoria, but the largest city is Johannesburg. The country has 11 official languages, there among English, Afrikaans, Swazi and Xhosa. The president is called Jacob Zuma, and the population is at 49,991,300 people (2010).
    English has been both a highly influential language in South Africa, and a language influenced, in turn, by adaptation in the country's different communities. Estimates based on the 1991 census suggest that some 45% of the population have a speaking knowledge of English.
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    Northern Ireland and the conflict
    The republic of Ireland declared its independence in 1916, but it would go almost six new years before Ireland’s independence in the Anglo-Irish Treaty was recognized. {IRA.htm} On the 6th of December 1922, the Irish Free State was formed. However, as Northern Ireland now mainly was inhabited by British Protestants, Northern Ireland chose to stay in the UK. Due to this decision, many Irishmen were frustrated, and the same group that earlier had fought for Irish independence, the Irish Republican Army (IRA), should now fight for a new goal; a united Ireland. This conflict would go on for decades, and is very real today, even though the IRA now has agreed, after pressure from the political party Sinn Féin, who has the same goal as them, to lay down their weapons. The conflict is often seen as a religious conflict with the British Protestants against the Irish Catholics, the Anglicans against the Celts, even though the true conflict is hold to be a struggle for a nation to reclaim its own land.
    Wales has a population of three million and a total area of 20 799 square kilometers. The country borders England and is situated in between England and Ireland. The Welsh have their own language, Welsh, but the country is officially bilingual, where English and Welsh function as official languages. Over 580 000 people speak Welsh in Wales, and the language is widely known as a backbone of Welsh culture. The National Assembly for Wales was set up in 1999 and controls the central government budget for Wales.

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    Concluding his internship, Chris is called into a meeting with his managers. His work has paid off and he is offered the position. Fighting back tears, he rushes to his son's daycare, hugging him. They walk down the street, joking with each other and are passed by a man in a business suit (the real Chris Gardner in a cameo). The epilogue reveals that Chris went on to form his own multi-million dollar brokerage firm.,r:5,s:18&tx=80&ty=63
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