What functions English fills today


As you all know, English is our common language that we use to communicate with people from other parts of the world. Today, English is considered the universal language for business, international communications, entertainment, tourism, trade and technology. The majority of all resources on the internet are in English, affecting people to learn English to take full advantage of it. This language is important for social things, as to make friends with people from other countries. It’s very popular to study abroad or to live with a family in another country for a year and go to high school. English is necessary in both business and social occasions and the future development are dependent on our skills in it.

We often think that English is the most widely spoken language since it’s the most international one. But there are actually around 900 million Chinese who has Mandarin Chinese as their first language. There are more Chinese people who are learning English than there are native speakers of English in the USA, and there isn’t a language with more second or third language speakers as in English. There are three kinds of speakers and we can show it in a circle. The inner circle has people who have English as their first language, and there are about 350 million. The outer circle in the middle has countries were English aren’t the official language, but is important for historical reason. Here are between 300 and 500 million people. The expanding circle has countries were English isn’t importing for anything, but it’s used as a foreign language or lingua foreign.
Communication is the most important function we have in this world community.
We are all together about in what we are doing with our environment and we have to work together with the solutions. Natural disaster is unfortunately happening, and the last ones are the earthquake and tidal wave in Japan and the tornado in Joplin, Missouri. The media provides the information all over the world, and most of it is in English.
Then, everyone can understand it.

English is also one of the most important subjects in school, were we will prepare ourselves for the future. This international language has an important function in our world society today, and it may be much more important for us in the future. Therefore, we have to be prepared to whatever that’s going to happen later.