British children learn politeness from an early age. From the beginning they learn to say «please» when asking for something, and «thank you» when getting it.
Queues are sacred in Britain, and they are known around the world for their gentlemanship. This is something to something to remember when visiting Britain; you should rather use too many polite phrases than too few.


Dress code
Clothes are parts of the British image. In British schools, school uniforms are required.
school_uniform.jpgEach school has its own colours and styles, and the dress codes must be followed strictly. In general British people are not very interested in clothes. They spend less money on clothes than the people of many other European countries. But the British fashion scene is also known for being daring, nowhere do you find more daring colour combinations and more exprimental hair styles than in Britain.

The British tend to stick to their old traditions. They are not really interested on making changes adapt the European standars. Examples of British traditionalism; They're driving on the left side and the judges are still wearing old-fashioned white wigs in court. This mentality is linked to the greatness of the Victorian Era, since Britain, at the time, was the superpower of the world. The British people have struggled with settling down with the fact that Britain is no longer the most powerful nation in Europe.

Class consciousness

British humour
The British are famous for their well-developed sense of humour. Making jokes and teasing someone is often a sign of approval. The British humour is characterized by irony, understatements. Their humour tends to be verbal, with the use of puns and irony. The term British humour is known around the world, and the typical characteristics of this often used by famous british comedians. This concept is for instance used in the british television programme "The Office UK".

The pub
Everywhere in Britain, you will find a pub, no mater how small the village is. The pubs are no longer a typical male arena, theyr are also popular for family outings, like pub lunches. It's a meeting place and social centre for the local community where people meet to discuss political problems, local affairs and to share a laugh.