Tsali- a Cherokee legend

The plot
The story is about the Cherokees that were forced out from their own land. In the beginning we are introduced to Tsali, an old Cherokee who lived on a farm along the hills near The Mississippi River with his wife, their sons, their wives and their sons. One day a missionary came to Tsali and said that they had to move because the white men had bought their land. Tsali refused to move, he said that he had never been on the other side of the river and he was never going to leave. He asked the missionary why on earth they wanted those lands; he asked that they had found gold in the river. Tsali was taking out a small pouch of gold dust from his pocket and told the missionary that he was going to exchange it and get some ribbons to his wife’s new dress. The missionary could barely breathe and he prayed to him if he would share the gold, Tsali said no and the missionary kept on threatening. Some days later, Tsalo went to the trader. He aked if he would swap seven pieces of ribbon for a pouch of gold dust. The trader did the same as the missionary and asked if he would share his riches with him. Tsali said no and the trader treathened him too. A month later Tsali’s family get a visit from the missionary, the trader and some soldiers. They were going to treathen the family to move. Their plan was to put all the Cherokee on boats that would carry them to the other side of the river. Tsali refused to move, so did his wife and their sons. The soldiers said that if they don’t moved, they had to shoot them. Then the oldest son said to his wife and the brothers’ wives that they had to take the children away and move to the west to be safe. The women and the children were crying and screaming along the road towards the river while they heard the sound of gunfire behind them.

Why this is relevant for our education programme
This story is relevant for the education programme because we learn about the Cherokees. We learned about how they were treated and we get to know about their culture.