Tony's Story

The plot

The story is about Tony and his friend Leon who has just returned home from the army. Leon was drunk and glad to see Tony again. The friends decided to buy hamburgers in the warm weather and when they stood there, ready to pay, there was a cop that hit Leon. He bleeded out both his mouth and his nose. It all ended in the hospital with a broken jaw. That same night, Tony had a dream about a cop who pointed at him with a long stick straight at him, a human bone. The cop did not have a human face, he was only small and round and he had white eyes that could be seen behind a black mask.

Leon was better after a few days, but he was still bitter. Leon wanted to kill the cop. One day, Tony and Leon were going to the store to buy some stuff for Leon’s uncle. The policeman was inside the store and he had hidden his car. They decided to drop off in the pickup. The cop with the sunglasses followed them. They stopped and looked out the window. The cop asked them to leave the car, both of them. He checked Leon’s license and asked for the name of Tony. He said "Antonio Sousea", and the police began to drew down on him, because he was an Indian. Leon was still afraid, and next time they ride in the pickup, Leon brought with them a .30-30 rifle. They were persecuted again and Leon left the car and Tony was in the car with the .30-30 rifle in the passenger seat. The police stood in front of Leon with the stick raised high, as the bone in Tony’s dream. Tony shot the police and they decided to set the car on fire so nobody would find th corpse. Leon was in shock and he was not sure if he would run or stay. Tony tried to calm him down by saying that everything was fine, the cop was dead.


Why this is relevant for the education programme
This story is relevant for our education programme because we learn about rasism and what it makes people do.