The film is about Todd Anderson, and when his department gets outsourced to India. He experiences a culture shock, and gets confused. He is working at a call centre, and his main assignment is to increase the average call from 12 minutes to six. People think it would be hopeless, but another administrator tells him
that he should relax, and then it will be easier.

He soon gets to know one of the call center workers, Asha. She has a big influence on him,not just when it comes to learning the cultural, but also himself. One day he gets caught up in the celebration of colors, and people who are throwing color powder and water balloons. He understands that this outsourcing could be good for him, and starts celebrating and have fun.

The call centre starts increasing the call minutes and Todd congratulates them. He tells them that they can dress how they want, bring pictures and figures from home and that they gets to test the products they are selling. At the same time, Todd finds out that he is falling in love with Asha. Asha is telling him to maintain a professional relationship, since she has been engaged since age four.

Suddenly Todd’s boss, David arrives. He has come to check the progress, but when Todd shows him the call centre, something horrible has happened. The call centre is flooded. They had nearly reached their gold and couldn't stop because of the flood. They therefore move the entire call centre to the roof. This is something David think is impossible, but Todd tells him that it may be impossible in the U.S.A, but not in India.

Education values

This film shows a lot of cultural differentness. Todd experiences a cultural shock in India. His first shock is how they catching the train. In The USA the train stops, but in India they have to jump. Catching a taxi is neither an easy job. Todd soon realizes that he needs to learn a bit about this culture. When we saw this film, where dealing with cultural differentness around the world. This film shows a lot of that, and it was a good film with a lot of things that presented the Indian culture.


The message in the film is that cultural understanding and respect is important. If we are aboard our country, be sure to get some background information! Outsourcing is something that most people see as something negative. This movie shows that if you get to know the culture, everything would be easier. In the beginning, Todd was very negative, but that was something that changed, at the same time as the call centre started increasing the call minutes.