The plot starts when Nelson Mandela has been elected for president. His first challenge is to "balancing black aspirations with white fears". Mandela attends on a game with Springboks. Springboks are the national rugby team. Mandela notices that the black people are chairing against the countries’ national team. Mandela is arranging a meeting with the newly-black-dominated South African Sports Committee, were he wants to keep Springboks name and colors. After that he arranges a meeting with the captain of the Springboks rugby team, François Pienaar. In this meeting, Mandela wanted to verbalize that if Springboks got the support from non- white South- Africans and successive in the World cup, then the country would be a unit, and be inspired to surpass its expectations.

images.jpgMany people though that unifying a county by rugby was rung. Things started to change, and at the games, non- white population was cheering at Springboks. Not many people though that Springboks would be a part of the quarter final, but they surpassed that, and make it til the final. In the final they had to play against New Zealand. New Zealand was the team of the world, and few people though that Springboks could win. Pianeer motivated his team, and the game ended unsettled. The game went over time, and Springboks won 15-12.

Education values and message

The film presents a country that got a new start, when Nelson Mandela was elected for president in South- Africa in 1994. Before, the country was destroyed because of prejudices and apartheid. Changing the vision of other people, like white people looked at the blacks, was hard, but it was not impossible, and it was absolutely worth it.

The message in the film is that forgiveness is not impossible. Nelson Mandela sat 27 years I prison, and when he came out, he was ready to forgive the people who had put him in there. Many people looked at him as a great man, without aggression and bitterness.
When we watched the film, we saw how apartheid could divide a country and how it could destroy a county. It was important to us to see that it wasn’t an easy job, putting the county on its feet again, but it wasn’t impossible.