Dirty Pretty Things

The plot of the film is about a Nigerian doctor who has immigrated illegal to Great Britain. He works at a hotel and as a cab driver. He lives with Senay, a Muslim woman, who has immigrated legally. Okwe(the Nigerian doctor) several times had to hide from the authorities. Okwe discovers that the manager at the hotel is active in the illegal human organ trade. The manager discovers that Okwe was a doctor in his home country and tries to persuade Okwe into joining him in the trade, an offer which he rejected. Both Senay and Okwe tries to get away from the immigration police and tries therefore to get fake passports, so they could leave Britain. But to get the passports Senay has to sell he kidney. Okwe accepts the manager's offer only to do the surgery on Senay, but instead he gives the manager an anesthesia and takes his kidney instead.

This film is relevant for Britain because it gives insight in the life of the illegal Britons who have to hide from the government. It shows the life of them and the difficulties they have to live through each day. The film is relevant because it lets us see the life of the Britons in the slums, where crime is a norm and laws are few.

The theme in the film is the life of the illegal immigrants. What jobs they have to do just to be able to survive. How they have to fight for their life in a modern city as London, and how exposed they are for crime. How they always have to take the dangerous jobs others won't even dare think of. And how they can be so desperate that they undergo dangerous surgery to sell organs, in order to survive.


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