Coach Carter

In the film “Coach Carter” Samuel L. Jackson plays a successful businessman, Ken Carter, who is offered a low paid coaching job for the local high school basketball team. The Richmond Oilers is a basketball team consisting of troublemakers and even drug dealers. By introducing stricter rules, like the one about maintaining a 2.3 GPA, Ken Carter manages to get control over the boys. The boys slowly but surely grow not only as players, but also as individuals.

The film presents educational value, as well as entertainment value. As a viewer you get to learn about American values like individualism, freedom and equality. The film “Coach Carter” also presents many different aspects of the American society. We get to see a successful family in a poor neighborhood which is struggling with high crime rates and drug dealing. This is a very familiar situation in many American neighborhoods especially the poor ones. The film also shows us lower-class youth fighting their way through high school and life. We watched this film while we were learning about the USA and American values, so in my opinion this was a great film, both educational and the entertainment part.

The theme of the film is good that “choices, not environment, make a man's character.”
This we get to see throughout the whole film. The boys has to face the choice between easy made money by dealing drugs and other illegal substances, or to work hard and get in to college.lead_coach_carter_0509090218_wideweb__375x500.jpg51NSYXNEMSL._SL500_AA300_.jpgb_17354.jpg