British history - timelines

The British Isles have a rich history going many thousand years back in time.
Britain was acknowledged as the leading world power for more than a whole century, and have always had an important role in the world society.
In the timelines below, we have gathered important information about both eras in the Britain society, and important historical events in British history.

Important historical events from 500 BC-1066 AD


500 BC
The Celtic people arrive from Central Europe.
55 BC
Julius Caesar tries to invade Britain.
43 AD
The Romans succeeded in invading Britain.
50 AD
London Founded.
450 AD
The Anglo-Saxons invade Britain. Britain is divided up into the Seven Kingdoms of Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Essex, Sussex and Kent.
597 AD
Christianity comes to Britain. St Augustine brings it from Rome, and is announced Archbishop of Canterbury.
793 AD
First invasion by the Vikings.
866 AD
Invasion of the Great Danish Vikings.
1055 AD
Westminster Abbey is completed.
1066 AD
The Normans invade Britain and defeats the Saxons. This is called The Battle of Hastings.

Important historical events from 1066 AD- 1807 AD


1348-49 AD
The Black Death arrived England and killed nearly half of the population
1485 AD
Tudor Britain. Henry VII crowned king
1509-47 AD
Henry VII becomes king.
1534 AD
Henry VII sets himself in charge of the Church of England.
1558 AD
Elisabeth I is crowned queen.
1591 AD
William Shakespeare – first play
1603 AD
Stuart Britain. The king of Scotland becomes the king of England, uniting the two kingdoms.
1620 AD
The Pilgrim Fathers sails from England, aboard the Mayflower.
1652 AD
Tea arrives
1664-65 AD
The Great Plague breaks out. About 100,000 die in London.
1666 AD
Great Fire of London
1689 AD
English Bill of rights
1714 AD
Georgian Britain. The British throne passed to the Hanoverians, a German family.
1776 AD
America declares independence from Britain
1780's AD
Industrial revolution begins
1807 AD
Abolition of slave trade

Important historical events from 1837 AD-1973 AD


1837 AD
Queen Victoria is crowned at the age of 18.
1845-49 AD
Great potato famine in Ireland. About 800,000 people died.
1854 AD
Crimean War
1870 AD
Education Act – school for everyone
1891 AD
Everyone gets free education.
1901 AD
The population in Britain reaches 40 million
1902 AD
Modern Britain
1902 AD
Britain wins the Boer war in South Africa.
1914-18 AD
First World War
1920 AD
Republic of Ireland gains independence.
1939-45 AD
Second World War
1952 AD
Elisabeth II is crowned queen
1973 AD
Britain joins the EC