Words and expressions

The Celtic Fringe
The Celtic Fringe is the outskirts of Britain that the Celts where forced to by the Romans.

Old English(450-1100)
The Anglo-Saxon language.

Middle English(1100-1500)
A language which was mixed with French and the Anglo-Saxon language.

Early Modern English(1500-1700)
English got more standardized, and became more like present day English.

The Feudal System
The class system which the Normans took with them from France

The Golden Age
The name of the reign of Elizabeth I. Which lasted from 1558-1603. Where Britain won over the Spanish Armada, and began to establish colonies in America.

The Industrial Revolution
Britain went quickly from a farming country to a industrialized country. And produced much faster than before.

The Victorian Age
The reign of Queen Victoria. Lasted from 1837-1901. In this reign Britain was the dominant power of the world and controlled most of its resources and its people.

The National Health Service. The British health service were the government controlled the health service. The idea was that the country take care of its inhabitant's health. Was weakened during Margaret Thatcher's time as prime minister.

Traditionalism is keeping traditions close and don't change tradtitions.

Class consciousness
It means that you accept your place in the class system and that you can't move up in the class system.

The Irish Free State
Was a state that was established in 1922 after the Anglo-Irish Treaty, due to the Irish resistance against the British rule in Ireland.

The Irish Civil War
A war within Ireland where one side accepted the Anglo-Irish treaty and the other side which wanted Northern Ireland to be a part of the Republic of Ireland. Those disagreements lead to a war.